System & Policy

Review system

✰✰✰✰✰- meaning I hated it/had a lot of issues with the content, or didn't finish. If I give this rating, I will still likely review and give fair points in my thoughts on what I disliked.
★✰✰✰✰ - means that it wasn't my thing, but may interest someone else or that I had problems with the book, which I will point out in the review
★★✰✰✰ - disappointing for me, something that was of below average enjoyment but may still appeal to other readers. Here, I will offer suggestions as to who would enjoy it.
★★★✰✰ - considered an "average, but mostly still good" rating from me. It usually means I had nitpicks with the story, and I will point them out in the review, but it was still a good read that I will recommend to a certain group of readers.
★★★★✰ -  excellent.Will re-read and promote. Loved it and and look forward to more from the author.
★★★★★ - outstanding, and immediately jumping on my favorites' list. Promoting endlessly, re-reading constantly.

Review policy

I am now open to review requests, providing that they follow my policy. I prefer print ARC's, (mailing address provided upon request), but I will gladly receive digital books AS LONG AS they are either in .epub, .acsm,  .pdf, or .mobi.

I will consider all requests, but please understand that other commitments may cause delays for reviews. Please also accept that my reviews will be one hundred percent honest and unbiased and I reserve the right to not finish a manuscript.

The only genres I will consider are;
- Young Adult
- New Adult
- Fantasy
- Dystopia
- Romance
- Paranormal
- Science fiction
- Adventure
- Retellings

I will not accept midseries titles unless all previous books are also included.

If you're interested in requesting a review, please send me an email at The subject should be 'Review request' and the email should include a digital copy and/or a request for my mailing address. Please include the following in the email;
- The title and synopsis
- Romance; light/heavy?
- Sexual content?
- Part of a series?
- Whether you have a deadline for review.

I will try my best to reply within a few days letting you know my decision, but please be patient with me. My reviews are shared on Goodreads, linked on my Twitter account and obviously here at this blog.


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